The Big Apple Academy is a coeducational independent school for students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. The Academy occupies two modern facilities located in the Gravesend area of Brooklyn, NY.

The Big Apple Academy strives to create an informal learning environment where students develop their character, mind and body. The greatest asset of our private school is the close-knit relationships between faculty and students. It is our firm belief that from this relationship students sharpen their most essential skill sets: thinking critically and analyzing, exploring and practicing through a broad array of human thoughts and accomplishments extending to the humanities, mathematics, the sciences, the arts and athletics.

Our students have access to the latest educational technology by having their lessons scheduled in state-of-the-art computer classes. Scientific experiments are regularly conducted through the use of microscopes and other tools geared toward scientific discovery and research. All classes are equipped with TV’s and DVD players as well as other materials produced by the school for didactic purposes.

Today Big Apple Academy includes two schools:

  • Elementary School (Kindergarten through 5th grade),
  • Junior High School (6th through 8th grade)
  • Each school has its own schedule and daily plan. These schools are like three siblings sheltering and caring for each other. And we can assert for sure that with the establishment of our private school New York students got yet another opportunity to receive affordable high-quality education that satisfies the needs of not only intellectual, but physical and spiritual development as well.

    Come visit us to get a taste of the Big Apple Academy where each child is given the inspiration to learn and succeed!